New Encaustic Work 2019

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getting art: now

We may not make things anymore in America, but there’s one group that still does –  the artist. The artist is the one still making things – tangible objects for us to observe and connect with our society.  Art is what we still make.

And, what is it that makes art? Mix irony with a reflection of the times. Cervantes does this with his Don Quixote, Jon Stewart in pointing at us every day in social satire, and the Coen Brothers with their latest film “Hail, Caesar!”

And, as for this film, leave it to the Coen Bros. to give us a mirroring tale of the search for human redemption by posing it in the light of Corporate Production Image-Making Hollywood and extolling [its] sincerest virtues while admitting its ultimate power over us.

The film has irony play lead – it’s all over the place, and, so too, is…

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